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I use to just play all day but now I have to work. which is really playing that you get paid for...
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Life Lessons from Adventure Time.

How is this even a kid’s show

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My “Enroute to heavy weight, rectal bleed, and in a single wide” face.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Does the air force pay for your school? I Don't Want To Be in so much debt...
nikolace nikolace Said:



Nutshell version: They pay for my tuition, all required fees (which, when I did my taxes, was over $1000 not counting the student health insurance fee), reimburse me for required books and part of boards, and give me a monthly living stipend which isn’t a whole lot but enough that I can be comfortable in the South (the same stipend would not go as far in a big city like Chicago or NYC).

In exchange for this, you have to go to COT, do a couple military rotations, apply for military and civilian residencies and if you get both you have to go to the military one, after residency however many years of scholarship as active duty (in my case, 4 years), and after that you can decide to go career military or go into the however many years of scholarship as inactive reserve (in my case, 4 years). 

It’s not for everyone, but it’s also not a completely awful deal either.


drunk me is the me i really want to be. confident, hilarious and, most importantly, drunk. 

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I’d rather you just tell me instead of you going around telling people how miserable you are or being subtle because that just makes it a lot worse for both of us. Even if you can’t bring yourself to tell me directly just ask a friend or something to pass on the message because, funny as it may be, I can’t read minds or always notice when I’ve done something wrong. Don’t worry about offending me - I feel more offended that you’d rather tell a bunch of strangers what you feel about me instead of talking to me about it. 

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So my Chemistry teacher has an Asian grading scale…

  • A - Average
  • B - Below Average 
  • C - Can’t eat dinner
  • D - Don’t come home
  • F - Find a new family

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And the coolest dad award goes to? @davidandkayla ! #halo #halocosplay this is the cutest thing honestly!


Video game logic.

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Did you know this popular fluffball first found Internet fame on deviantART?





+Watch lieveheersbestje to see more of BooBoo’s adventures!


Danny and Catbug getting ready for the day!

Awesome fan art mythbeats! Look at how cute Catbug is playing with Danny’s shoe!!! Thanks so much for the submission.

If you have any of your own Bravest Warriors fan art to submit, click here!




what if death is just level 2

I never played a level one that was this fucking hard

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