So this is it...

I use to just play all day but now I have to work. which is really playing that you get paid for...
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I would wear this proudly as a medblr nerd!

I would wear this proudly as a medblr nerd!

Mmmm science is beautiful



You ready for some really, really awkward science rap? You pre-meds and med students will get a kick out of this.

I give you “Thrift Lab”, a medical pathology tribute to Macklemore.

Man, this is just so nerdy. But I love it. 

I mean…yes.

I love that we’re all still obviously nerds.

Kreb cycle rap

Why the hell don’t I have a pocket thorium generator?!


How does that even work? 

Kinda like a particle accelerator. Tony stark makes one in Iron man 2.

(via naananaanabatgirl)